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2014-09-21 02:36:31 by Innudation


skewl is done

2014-06-19 16:46:28 by Innudation


Oh god why

2013-12-29 18:43:23 by Innudation

No more Christmas kitties


** Happy new year faggots.


***Bak 2 skuel

Merry Christmas faggots

2013-12-25 13:44:26 by Innudation

In the comments tell me what you got.  

On teh Christmas Break

2013-08-24 00:34:22 by Innudation

And I've been sick since thrusday so I got an early break.

Shit I don't like/Shit I do like

2013-08-05 21:17:04 by Innudation

Here's all the shit in the world that I fucking hate.

-MLP(The cancer that is killing humanity)
-World of Warcraft
-All rap
-Most of the madness community
-Teh madness "animators" that think they're good
-Test collabs(seriously why the fuck are these made? Someone tell me the purpose of these!)
-Pewdiepies fanbase ALL OF IT
-Anti-gun people
-The fucktards that say "assault clips"
-People calling magazines clips
-America as of today and as far back as the 1960s(pretty much every aspect of it)
-I wasn't alive in the 1920s
-I wasn't alive in the 1930s
-I wasn't alive in the 1940s
-I wasn't alive in the 1950s
-I wasn't alive in the 1950s and in Bikini Atoll
-The channel "Bravo"
-Real Housewives of (insert location here)
-Internet Explorer
-Windows 8
-Pretty much anything Microsoft makes
-South Korea(all they do is play Starcraft, they're not a least bit concerned about NK. GOTTA GET MAH APM UP BRO!)
-Carrier spamming
-Kahr Arms(y u gotta buy out Magnum Research? :( )
-Camel spiders(oh god why do they exist)
-Every spider ever
-People calling suppressors "silencers"
-Kids who think they're hot shit(you)
-All religion
-Stupid kids who copy me
-How everyone thought Zimmerman should be guilty
-People who vouch for Martin
-Adventure time
-Amazing world of cumball
-MAD(the fucking kids show)
-Pretty much the new cartoon network as a whole
-Disney Channel(even the old shit)
-Kids in general
-People who use the word "hater" in a serious manner.
-Final Fantasy
-Call of Jewty
-The Kardashians
-How Fox constantly gets their shit wrong
-Gabe Newell delaying the Episode 3 (BAWWWWWWWWW)
-People who take shit way too seriously
-People overusing the word "trolling" and the perversion it's become
-People who say "yolo" in a serious manner
-Glenn Beck
-Sean Hannity
-Bad Doom wads
-A wad that is not a terry wad
-That scary looking chick who is a lawyer and has her own show on Fox
-How Harry Potter never uses "Avada Kedvra" because he's too scared
-We didn't match the Tsar Bomba
-We stopped doing nuclear tests
-How we don't nuke Al-Qaeda
-Bill O' Reilly
-Just about every political figure there is
-Sarah Palin's IQ
-How we just continue to have kids(stop having kids)
-Family Guy
-American Dad
-Cleveland Show
-Seth Macfarlane
-Most of the shows on Adult Swim
-All anime
-We only had two nukes to drop on Japan
-Xbox One
-Microsoft's jewgold
-The 1980's
-The 1970's
-The 1960's
-Annoying 12 year old British kids
-People who lack all intelligence/braindead/autistic/assbergers/veget able/cripple/shoe
-People who just can't shut up
-Tf2 hat fetishes
-Waking up at 12am cause I was too fucking stupid and lazy to get up before

If you're offended by any of this, you can go cry somewhere else because I won't be here to console you.
And I mean every word I have up there.

*** Oh, and here's yangphengs shitty rendition (aka copy of my list) Items in bold are my commentary.

-Tobuscus(not really) (Then don't put it on the list)
-BARRELS! (Not an obvious Pewdiepie lover)
-Cyber bulling (Lol)
-Spiders! (Well if Innudation doesn't like them, I don't have to as well!)
-In a room with people (Anti social?)
-People on Newgrounds (well, not all people) (Only the ones that show how much of a child I really am)
-Digamon (what's Digamon?) (Google it you derp)
-Yu-Gi-Oh! (it became shit now) (It was never good to begin with)
-Brony haters (Fuck MLP, it's meant for little girls you manchildren)
-Bullies (They will always exist get over it)
-Watching tv shows (not really) (Again, don't put it on the list)
-Jerks (Oh boohoo)
-Justin Bieber fans (He's jumping on the bandwagon with this one)
-Smosh's Spanish Channel (He does Spanish?)
-Fake Pewdiepie accounts (Stupid kids thinking they're cool)
-Boku no Pico (Wut)
-NateTalksToYou (Actually cool because he pisses off broarmy faggots)
-Anime haters (Fuck anime)
-People that never shut up (yangpheng irl)
-People hates what I like (LOL)
-People that spam (I spam, are your knickers jimmied?)
-People that are not nice (The world is filled with people with malicious intents, get over it)
-People that are nice to them but not us (I'd be nice to you if you weren't a kid)
-People thinks that they don't have a opinion (Wut)
-People that don't understand (I don't understand some comments you shit out)
-People thinks that were smaller (Probably are)
-People thinks that our comment is stupid (Usually are)
-Innudation(I'm honored to make your hate list shoefag)

Now here's sonicfangirls01's rendition(and this one has a like list and hate list, so there's no fucking way she's unoriginal.) Items in bold are my commentary.

I just wanted to. Enjoy! (No, I wanted to copy Innudation because it's my way of saying "take this hater!")
Stuff I like: little pony. Its a good show.(Shit show, you shouldn't even be watching)
2.Pewdiepie. He's cool. (He's an unfunny fag)
3. Smosh. Why not. (Shit)
4. Sonic. My username says it all. (Fuck Sonic, are you going to end up like Chis-Chan?)
5. Weegee. Meh. (Definitely not old)
6. Cake. Of course! (Of course! Slamming five of these babies down EVRDAY!)
7. Cupcakes. The creepypasta. (Gay)
8. Creepypasta Wiki. I read every single one. (Having nightmares yet?)
9. Jenna marbles. She gives really good advice. (Lol no)
10. My family. Every one knows that. (Cute)
11. Puppies. There so cute! (*They're School is not your strong suit)
12. Cats. There cool. (Gave up on school)
13. Pink. My favorite color. (FUCK PINK)
14. Children. I was a child. (Mein gott, female pedobear)
15. Shadman's art. It's freakin awesome. (YA MAN DAT PUSSY IS TIGHT BRO!)
16. SileNt Sam. Wat? Problem? (Le clever troll!!11! XD)
17. Katy Perry. Her songs are exceptional. (No she sucks. Doesn't deserve to live)
18. SpongeBob. Who doesn't? (New Spongebobs SUCK DICK)
19. The man of steel. Best movie ever!! (I NO RITE)
20. Aquabats. It is really exotic. (Don't know what that is, and still am outta fucks)
21. Sonic.exe. I play it every day. (Sucks)
22. Rage games. They get my adrenaline going. (OH YEAH CALL OF DEWTY HARDCORE!!)
23. Fred. He's really funny. (Unfunny faggot. Never was funny. Ever.)
24. YouTube. I love it! (YA MAN YOUBOOB IS GREAT!!)
25. I dunno. (Let's end this garbage on a high note with a witty "I dunno, lol")

Things that I frickin hate. (Was not allowed to use "fucking" because of age)
1. Haters. Gonna hate. (GOOD ONE!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD)
2. Zero. (Only because he is your superior)
3.Innudation. I would sieg heil on his face. (LOL, you don't even know what "sieg heil" means.)
4. PannedCakes. Fucking annoying. (Even more than you?)
5. FineBros. (Dat bandwagon.)

That is really it. Slogan: Tomahawk chop is my death blow. (Cute.)

Now here's all the shit I like:

-Star Wars KotOR
-Doom 2
-Doom 3
-Shooting(especially in a gravel pit, set up objects to shoot, bump fire, do whatever you want)
-G36c(German polymer goodness)
-Desert Eagle(I don't fucking care this thing's a impractical wristcracker, it's sexy, and I want one)
-PC(I don't even need to justify this)
-Farcry Instincts
-Farcry Instincts Evolution
-MechAssault 2
-M1 Garand
-Darkest of Days
-Stephen Colbert
-Colbert Report
-Mossberg 500
-Uac Military Nightmare
-Battlefield 3
-Halo 3
-Operation Castle(favorite operation)
-Castle Bravo
-Castle Bravo's unexpected yield
-The Tsar Bomba
-Operation Ivy
-Operation Upshot-Knothole
-Operation Little Feller
-Operation Trinity(first nuke ever)
-Operation Hardtack I
-Operation Crossroads
-Crossroads Baker
-Operation Storax
-Storax Sedan
-Sedan crater
-Fat Man
-Little Boy
-The Enola Gay
-Bikini Atoll(I'd fucking swim out into the middle of the lagoon and drink the water through a straw)
-Doom Builder 2
-The Ak platform(and pretty much every variation ever, except China's. With their stupid "Type"s)
-The lulz that happen on this site
-Filthy Frank
-Ye olde fashioned vanilla ice cream
-Lean cuts of meat
-The book "Watership Down"
-Atlantis God
-Vanilla bean ice cream
-Most of Cartoon Networks old shows
-The old Spongebob Squarepants episodes(1999-2004)

People who've blocked me so far...

2013-08-01 03:27:46 by Innudation

-(There's one more guy I know I'm blocked from, can't find him though; at least for now).

More shoes to follow in due time.

People who've blocked me so far...

Your favorite vidyo gaem

2013-07-26 02:58:58 by Innudation

Comment what game arouses you the most.

Your favorite vidyo gaem

Remember dis fellow?

2013-07-17 20:41:59 by Innudation


Gud vidyo:

Remember dis fellow?

A request

2013-07-12 22:11:08 by Innudation

Could one of you madness animators make an animation about a shoe that goes on a journey to find ultimate power but in the end just blows up because he spontaneously combusted? Make a sprite sheet that is all about shoes btw.

A request